28 March - Closing event at Cosmopolite: Fatoumata Diawara in concert
20:00 at Cosmopolite Scene
Vogts gate 64, 0477 Oslo
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One of the most vital providers of modern African music returns to Oslo to repeat the success of 2018.

Over the past decade, Fatoumata Diawara has established itself as one of the most interesting voices and vital mediators of modern African music. She takes her art to exciting heights on her latest, critically acclaimed album "Fenfo", which incidentally garnered a GRAMMY nomination. Diawara, who is also a successful actor, grew up on the Ivory Coast with Malian parents and has a rich musical heritage to build upon.

Diawara has chosen to sing in the language 'bambara', in order to assert and promote its roots, albeit in a new, futuristic melodic costume. The lyrics touch on this cultural heritage, for good and for bad. Her musical expression comes to life when she mixes the West African music tradition with impulses from Western pop music. It is the pervasive genre mix that makes the music timeless and really sets itself free from date stamping.

Fatoumata is an important voice in many ways, and for a long time she has fought for the rights of children and women. During her career, she has also collaborated with sizes such as Bobby Womack, Roberto Fonseca, Paul McCartney and Damon Albarn's African Express. Last year during Oslo World, she filled Cosmopolite to the brim and gave us an exceptional concert experience. We expect nothing less from her this time and look forward to presenting Fatoumata Diawara at Cosmopolite on March 28.  

Diawara will mark the end to this year's Francophonie event in Oslo.